Neuron Spikerbox: Analog Box that allow you to connect to a computer or Smartphone with Analog connections

Neuron Spikerbox Pro : Digital Box that allow you to have 2 channels and connect to a computer or Smartphone via USB 

Note if it is plugged in with USB only, it can only work with SpikeRecorder. Bundle is something extra to purchase with!

Difference between The DIY Neuron 2-channel and Neuro SpikerBox Pro - Pro does everything over USB and the DIY is all analog signals over audio. 

They would need a green smartphone cable to connect to most devices. The 2 channel would need the blue AUX cable and an iMic to connect over 2 channels.

Also we have an experiment which uses 2 channels where Neuron SpikerBox Pro comes in really handy. Check it out in the link bellow: