The Human to Human interface is composed by 3 parts:

  • Arduino: a microcontroller with ability to program, convert analog into digital and connect to usb.

  • Muscle Spikershield: a bio amp that can read from your muscles, amplify your AMPs and more.

  •  A TENS unit aka a massage unit that send electric pulses to you muscles in order to massage it.

Everyone has a different tolerance to electrical shock, and each muscles reacts in a different way.

We recommend you to setup the TENS with the person you want to stimulate before do the HHI experiment.

For me the best resolute is H on 160, G on 50 timer always C and Mode N

For intensity, D is around 4. Now

be sure the electrodes are well paced and have good contact.

You can use the TENS by itself,

 just reattach the RED jumper back to the cable.