If your experiencing difficulty connecting your Heart&Brain SpikerBox with SpikeRecorder, here are some of the basic troubleshooting steps you can do yourself to get unstuck:

1) Plug in your Heart And Brain Spikerbox to the computer, make sure it's on

2) Upload this code (copy and paste it to Arduino software) https://raw.githubusercontent.com/BackyardBrains/SpikerShield/master/Heart-And-Brain/Arduino%20Code/SpikeRecorder/SpikeRecorderSpikerShield_V1_1.ino

3) Click on "Tools", then go to "Board, Arduino/Genuiono Uno" and make sure that Arduino/Genuiono Uno is selected on the drop down menu.

4) Again go to "Tools", go to "Port" and again, make sure to select Arduino uno.

5) Click on the little "Upload" right arrow on the left side

When you upload the code please open Spike Recorder and check if USB icon will appear after 10 sec.

If USB icon does not appear please go to "Config" screen (gear icon in the top right hand side corner) and check what serial ports you have in dropdown chooser.

Also after successfully uploading your Arduino Code, go to your Spike Recorder, then go to Config. and make sure that under "Select Port" there is Heart and Brain SpikerBox/Shield selected. 

Also, you can zoom in and out on the little + and - so you can see your signals better. One more thing, please unplug your computer from the charger because it tends to make bad noise on the signals.