Oyster Mushrooms appear to have much more positive (+/-2.5V) and much slower (1-20 seconds) action potential compared to animals. The Plant SpikerBox has the filter settings (0.07 Hz - 8.8Hz) that would be ideal for your mushroom experiments. So there is a great chance that you could do electro-physiology experiment on them.

So in this case  the experiment procedure will go as follows:

 - put the black electrode pin into the growing medium or substrat from which the mushroom would grow,  near the begging of the mushroom's stipe.

- put the positive electrode with a little bit of assistance of the electric gel, into the gills of Oyster mushroom.

- plug in your Plant SpikerBox into the your device, with a blue USB cable and see what type of data and signals you'll find with our free Spike Recorder app.