You want to reupload the code onto your SpikerBox, but suddenly you receive this error message. What do you do now? 

The issue is mostly likely related to the type of the board that you've selected in Arduino IDE>Tools>Board> type of the board.

*If you have a Plant Spikerbox, for reuploading the code you'll select the Arduino Leonardo, because the Plant SpikerBox is based on that specific microcontroller. 

*If you have a Heart & Brain SpikerBox, for reuploading the code, first you must detect which type of board version you have i.e. a V1 (0.53v) or a V2 (0.62v). How to do that is explained in this article.

For V2 (0.53v) you'll go for the Arduino Leonardo in Board section.

For V1 (0.62v) you'll go for the Arduin Uno in the Board section.

*If you have a Muscle SpikerShield for reuploading the code you'll select the Arduino Uno in the Board section, because the Muscle SpikerShield will always come with Arduino Uno.