Yes! You can actually attach both Reaction Timer and your Reflex Hammer onto your Muscle SpikerBox Pro and have perfectly well-recorded EMG signals and event markers.

This setup is handy when you want to do advance EMG data acquisition from your knee, with event markers and a patellar hammer. 

To properly do this gear setup, read the steps described below:

  1. Connect the Reflex Hammer to your Reaction Timer and then connect the Reaction Timer to your Muscle SpikerBox Pro, like in the pic below. And don't forget to attach your electrodes to your muscles, as well!

  2. Then connect your Muscle SpikeBox Pro to your PC, using a USB cable from your kit.

    Note: This gear setup only works when you've connected the Muscle Pro to your PC via a USB cable. Green audio cable won't work because it only supports one channel.
  3.  When you open the Spike Recorder, a USB symbol should appear in the upper left corner, right next to the FFT button.

    Right after, you've clicked on the USB symbol, head into the Config menu (little gear icon in the upper left corner). There you should get the options listed in the pic below:

    The Hid Channel 2 is the second channel coming from the Muscle Pro. You'll have to change its colour, from black to any colour you want, to get it enabled in the Live mode. Like Below:

    In this example, the Greenline is the first channel, Redline is the second channel and the Blue line is the signal coming from your Reflex Hammer.

  4. When you press the event marker on your Reaction Timer and punch with The Reflex Hammer, the Spike Recorder will pick up all those signals and show them in real-time. When you want to save your data, the Spike recorder will save all those channels with event markers included into one raw audio file with a separate event time log.