When you encounter a crash or a freeze of Spike Recorder or simply the Spike Recorder won't connect to your SpikerBox, the log file is the one who will give us the inside information about what is actually happening. 

To create a log file, first you'll have to run the Spike Recorder as an Administrator. See pic attached.

Important Note: Running Spike Recorder as an Administrator wont work on the devices that are protected by the administrator's password e.g. school's devices, PC that are protected by your workplace's administrator, etc. 

Log file is only created when the Spike Recorder has been run as an Administrator. Open the Spike Recorder regularly won't creat a log file.

Every time when you create a new log file, the old one will be erased and replaced by a freshly created new log file. 

Once the Spike Recorder opens up, try to as closely as possible repeat the issue that you're having with the software or with the SpikerBox. If the Spike Recorder freezes, shut it down i.e. kill the process, either through the Task Manager or by clicking Close the program.

Again, right click on the Spike Recorder and select Properties>Open File Location.

That will lead you to the directory where your Spike Recorder has been installed. Try searching for a file called byb or log. See the pic attached.

 After you've found your log file, Right click on the log file>Copy. The last step is to attach exact copy of the log file into your email and send it over to us.