When happens that you can't connect to your SpikerBox or the Spike Recorder freezes or crashes on your Mac, the log file in the one who'll show us what is actually happening.

To create & find the log file on your Mac follow next steps: 

  • Open your Spike Recorder.
  • plug in your SpikerBox to your Mac using an USB cable.
  • go to "Spotlight Search" (magnifying glass in top right hand corner) and search for "Console" and open it. 
  • Once the Console has been opened, type in "SpikeRecorder" and hit return in search box, in console (top right hand side of the window).
  • Click on the list in the table & select all with command-A  on keyboard and copy the list with command-C on the keyboard. 
  • Paste the list into the email with command-V and send it to us.