Every version of the Plant SB has a "Ready" button. It enables the Plant SB to stimulate another plant. Close to the pushbutton, there is a Red LED, that has different states.

States of the Red LED are:  

  • OFF by default

  • When the "Ready" button is pressed ONCE, the Red LED will START blinking. That signifies the output of Plant SB is ready to stimulate the plant. Stimulation is enabled.

  • When the "Ready" button is pressed a second time, the Red LED will STOP blinking. That signifies the output of the Plant SB is disabled. Stimulation is disabled.

  • When the signal from the plant (or noise) is recorded at electrodes, the Red LED should be ON, during the signal. This happens always. It DOES NOT depend on if stimulation is disabled or enabled.

  • Alway ON  when your battery is running out of juice. Change it with a new, fresh battery ASAP.

Important note: When working with Plant SB always have it attached to the plant. If input electrodes are NOT attached to anything, the amplifier will pick up noise from the environment. In other words, it will become like an antenna. 

Without the plant attached to the Plant SB, the Red LED will randomly turn ON and OFF.