You have a newer version of Macbok Pro, which nowadays only comes with USB C ports and now you want to connect your Muscle SpikerBox Pro to your new Mac. To make that connection you've probably bought a microUSB to USB C cable or regular USB hub with USB C end on it. But when you connect everything together and open up the Spike Recorder nothing happens. Muscle Pro isn't recognized and you can't get your EMG signals.

There are couple of ways you can solve that. 

  • First is to try to turn OFF your Bluetooth. Sometimes having the Bluetooth turned ON will jam the communication between the Spike Recorder and Muscle Pro. After you've turned it OFF, unplug your Muscle Pro, close the Spike Recorder and restart your Mac.

    Then try reopening the Spike Recorder and plugging in the Muscle Pro.

  • If the first step doesn't fix the issue, click on the Apple's icon (upper left corner)>About this Mac>System Report>Hardware>USB. Like shown below.

    A new window will appear, showing every device that has been attached and recognized by your Mac. If there is a Spike Recorder, under the USB 3.0 or USB 3.1, then your Mac has actually recognized the board. That means that something is happening with Spike Recorder and something is jamming the communication between.

  • Third step is to create and send us a Spike Recorder's log file. That file will specifically tell us what is going inside Spike Recorder and where the error is.
    How to create a log file on your Mac, please advise our previous article on the topic, found below.